* Outstanding Ballet and Dance classes in Amsterdam!

* Receive real dance training from top international professionals.

* Learn to dance and stay in shape.

* Enjoy the unique opportunity of training with experts in one of

the best dance schools in Amsterdam.


Description of the classes

All classes below are carefully structured and designed on the highly professional level of methodical analysis, based on the best in the world dance educational systems and the real experience of the successful career of a professional dancer.

Ballet Adults– we offer top quality classes taught by selected professional ballet dancers. We offer 3 levels: BeginnersBeginners PLUS and Intermediate. Classes are suitable for the students of all ages and levels. Experienced dancers or even beginners who have never participated dance classes before are welcome to join on any day and lesson of the season, according to their choice of the class and the age group. Special attention for beginners is guarantied. Our priority at the classes is having a fun time and learning.

Ballet Fitness– tough but proofed to be a very effective workout, created by Alexander Zhembrovskyy. This class is inspired by classical ballet and variety of workout methods. During one hour class we work the whole body, develop coordination and stretch. It is not a ballet class, so no dance experience needed! We also offer Ballet Fitness LIGHT– which is a more gentle class.

Stretching– great class to work on a general flexibility of the body and to relieve the tension in the muscles. We believe it is very important to stretch the body in a various ways in order to stay healthy and feel free.

Floor Barre– a ballet workout on the floor. Great class to exercise “ballet muscles” including core and legs. This class is great for ballet students of all levels as well as for “none ballet students” which want to develop their body as ballet dancers do.

Pilates– the World famous workout method. In that class we work on longer and leaner musculature, firmer butt, better posture, flatter tummy, less back pain, body awareness etc.

Points– we offer these classes for the ballet students of Beginners PLUS and Intermediate levels. Our teachers give advises on how to wear point shoes correctly and how to work with them. The exercises are not too difficult though still are challenging especially for beginners.

Modern Dance– great class to feel the freedom of dance and movement in general. In the class the students develop coordination, musicality and the “feeling of dance” via short combinations as well as longer choreographies.

Ballet Kids (6-9 years old)– perfect class to develop child’s flexibility, coordination, musicality, posture, discipline etc. We also support children with our careful advises and guidence in their dreams to become one day professional ballet dancers. For those kids we offer as well private and semi private classes.

Choreography– in this class students are learning a classical ballet style choreographies from our teachers or from invited guest teachers. Those choreographies our students have chance to perform at our annual end of the season performance for family and friends.

Private classes– are responding to personal needs and requests of the students. During the private sessions we adjust the classes, so that they would be as effective as possible for the student. It is possible to book private sessions of any of our classes and with any of our teachers. Classes can be regular or random. We also offer Semi Private classes for small groups up to 3 persons.