My name is Alexander Zhembrovskyy, I have an international career as a professional ballet dancer and at the present time I am a soloist of the Dutch National Ballet. I have been dancing since the age of seven and since then, the magical world of the dance itself took over my heart and my life. Already at the beginning of my dance education and with tremendous help from my teachers I discovered that for me a dance is the best and most natural way to express artistic energy, which dwells, I believe, within every human being. Communicating it via art of dance, and ballet in particular, was and still is to me a sublimely beautiful, adventurous, exiting but also extremely challenging journey of my life.

Gradually the art of ballet become my professional career out of it, although it is definitely not the easiest one. But who thinks about difficulties when falling in love… I have fallen in love with an art of dance and never have regretted it since, no matter how difficult and even frustrating sometimes my “love affair” might have been.

The path of a dancer is indeed a very special one to follow. It takes a lot of work, patience and unbreakable will to be able to succeed in this profession.

But it gives back much more than it takes. It opens a new perspective on life, new horizons, widens understanding of the visual aesthetic  overall, provides the key to the gate of the spirituality in its purest of forms, helps to discover ones ‘ real self, gives opportunity to live a special and unique life, live fully from within and not watch it as mere spectator from afar. The magic feeling of the performance itself is truly like nothing else in the world: each time when the curtain opens and the music starts to play, with the first step onto the the stage, the adrenaline ushers it’s seductive and almost intoxicating rush through the blood. It feels like nothing exists but only the reality of the fragile and fable illusion of the performance itself. It is exactly at such a moment that I, once again, clearly understand – why I am a dancer…

I always wanted to share with people my knowledge, experience and desire which i express through the dance alone. This wish of giving back what I gained with hard work, endless practice and finest education through the years of my career became the building block of     ” The Zhembrovskyy Ballet & Dance School ” in Amsterdam, which I founded with great passion and love.

Alexander Zhembrovskyy.