Vision and Concept

Vision and concept of the school

The school has opened it’s doors for people of all ages, nationalities and with all kinds of wishes and demands: for those who want to learn to dance  at their leaser as well as for those who want to make a professional career out of it in the future.This is one of the core beliefs and goals of the Zhembrovskyy Ballet & Dance School.

The educational process itself must be dynamic, health oriented, exciting and simultaneously enjoyable, taught within an atmosphere of mutual respect between the students and the teachers.

One of the schools’ missions is to discover in the process of education new talents, to support them and further guide them in appropriate direction, should it be desired by them or their parents.

Thus the quality of the education in the school is highly professional and always taught with an individual approach to students of any levels and ages.

The healthy environment, working process and the health of each particular student is  truly one of the school ‘ top priority.

Further more, the school is committed to raising and developing confident, self-aware dancers capable to fully explore, perfect and polish their artistic potential through further education, work and practice.

The school perfectly acknowledges the importance and vital need for people of all ages and walks of life to be able to have recreational studies as a hobby. Thus our programs usher and help to further open and promote artistic development, stay fit and healthy regardless of the age, combat health degradation, develop the skill and finally provide a perfect after school activity for the children, which promotes a healthy and active life style.