Wedding Dance

What can be more romantic, touching and unforgettable than the first dance as a husband and wife!

Zhembrovskyy Ballet & Dance School is proud to offer a wedding dance choreography and lessons for happy couples who are about to get married. We can help you to add some quality and style to your special dance as a married couple on that unforgettable day of your life!

We will choreograph your first dance to your own specifications, whether you are both complete beginners or more advanced dancers. You will choose your favorite music and we will do the rest. If you have no preference we will help you to choose an appropriate track. We will advise you on the type of the dance and the most suitable music  for such an occasion. And subsequently create a dance that you can both dance competently on that most important day, whether or not you are nervous, have had a drink (or two) beforehand, or suddenly find that the bride’s dress is bigger than expected.

There are several things to consider when planning your first dance:

1) Your level of experience of dancing.

2) How big is YOUR dance floor?

3) How big is the bride’s dress / groom’s suit?

4) How comfortable are your shoes?

5) Two minutes will seem quite a long time to dance, four minutes will feel like an eternity, so choose your track carefully.

6) Do you find it easy to memorize routines?

7) How many lessons do you think you will need?


We will keep the dances fairly straightforward, using simple choreography that  will still looks impressive to the audience and feels great to you. The most important effect that is need to be created and developed in the process of our wedding dance preparation-  is that you dance as a couple. We will develop your dancing skills both as individuals and as a couple, so that together we can make the most of your big moment by matching your skills to your music.



Choreography: 100 € per 1 minute of dance.

Private lessons: 50 € per 1 hour lesson.

Prices include VAT.

In order to purchase, please send following information:

1) Full name and age

2) Address.

3) Phone number.

4) Information about previous experience in dance.

5) The name of the song you want to use for your dance.

6) How many minutes of choreography you want us to make.

7) How many lessons would you like to get.

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